Enterprise SSO, Chrome extension, Enhancement in Article redirection, and HTML editor improvement.


Enterprise SSO

The Enterprise SSO (Single Sign-On) feature enriches the user experience in authentication and access within Document360. Enabling the SSO feature in your knowledge base projects simplifies the credential management, saves time, improves identity protections which in turn adds an additional level of security. The user need not worry about remembering the individual credentials for each project. Users can choose from two different SSO standards, the SAML 2.0 (Security Assertion Markup Language) and OpenID Connect. Also, users can choose from different Identity Providers like Okta, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, and Auth0.


New Extensions


Now Document360 is available for access on Google Chrome browser as an extension. With the Document360 extension, personnel from your organization with access to API key can connect, access, and look-up content from your knowledge base in their browser tabs anytime, anywhere.

The highlights of the Document360 extension include birds eye view of your knowledge base categories and articles, quick launch label, easy article search, suggested articles based on top searches, and a convenient reader mode. Last edit on 03 November 2020


Other Improvements

  • We have added Version level article redirection based on popular customers’ request.
  • Now roman numerals can be used for numbering in HTML (WYSIWYG) editor.
  • We have also updated few security improvement fixes in Document360 APIs.

Localization, Document360 Drive, Crowdin and Drift extensions, and more

Feature Releases


Document360 now comes with complete localization as a major feature update. By offering your brand experience and support in a language that feels familiar, both existing and potential customers are much more likely to engage with your knowledge base content and reduce churn rate. Localizing your Home page and your knowledge base would eliminate many hindrances faced by your customers in understanding and connecting with your business, as opposed to single language website and documentation. The translation of your categories can either be done manually, with generic machine translation (MT) option, or translation extensions like Crowdin.

There’s much more to gain from localizing your Document360 knowledge base than just translated articles. You would be able to customize functionalities, articles, and URL slug in the intended languages. This would mean the content is either just translated from the original language or content is modified to better suit the target audience. The graphics, colors, and the aesthetics of your pages, fonts, and images can also be modified.

Apart from the content and visual elements, there other parameters like units of measures, currencies, local formats for addresses, dates, communication addresses, and more.



A new and improved repository for your entire digital assets is here. Sync, organize, backup, and work with your folders and digital file formats like images, videos, audios, documents, and many other formats.
You can upload your digital assets to Drive using the simple interfaces on your Document360 project dashboard. The way the Drive works is similar to most well-known cloud storage platforms and a no brainer to get used to. Also, your Drive size limit would be based on the monthly plan you’ve chosen.

New Extensions


Crowdin a cloud-based localization aide, that helps your Document360 knowledge base with a multilingual machine translation of categories and articles. The integration of Crowdin extension with Document360 provides an array of possibilities in context to high quality and near-perfect translations. This helps companies cater to a multi-linguistic clientele much more susceptible to your business.

The integration is pretty straight-forward and can be easily achieved with the aid of our installation guide. And the translation interfaces after integration can be done using a simple ‘Push to Crowdin’ button.


Now you can integrate your Document360 knowledge base with Drift, a sought after conversational platform to integrate with your website, knowledge bases, or online businesses. The main feature highlight of integrating your knowledge base with a chat application like Drift gives you an additional edge to provide support or answer queries of your customers by searching for and sharing relevant articles from your knowledge base. All this can be done without having to leave the Drift conversation page.

Other improvements

Knowledge base assistant

We have enhanced the already existing In-app assistant on Document360. We now call it the Knowledge base Assistant. All the existing and new functions have been brought under more structured and easily accessible dropdowns. And with the introduction of Localization, users can select and search articles in version and language-level specific knowledge bases. We have also introduced the Custom launcher icon where you can select from a list of icons or also insert your custom icon from any URL. In the user website, the assistant widget is movable and not fixed to a static position.

New and Simplified UI

We revamped our existing User interface (UI) and introduced a better, fluidic, and streamlined controls and menu options. This UI change makes all the relevant functions more accessible and simplifies the project settings. Also, we have revamped the article settings, discussions, view history and we’ve introduced individual article stats.

MS Teams Integration, Category breadcrumb in Search and more

Microsoft Teams integration

Now users can integrate Microsoft Teams with Document360 seamlessly. This would enable users to search for and share articles from Document360 within Microsoft Teams platform. The integration is configurable in a matter of seconds by an authorization key.

teams integration.jpg

Category breadcrumb in search

We've improved the Search results UI with "Category Breadcrumb" across the platform, be it the Portal and the Website. It provides a clear understanding of which category a search-result-article belongs to, by looking at the category.

category breadcrumb.png

Search with slug

We've improved our search by enabling the slug Also, as an add-on enhancement, users can search for any article with the article’s slug.

More security to the Private projects

We've improved the security around Private project resources. Now the private project resources cannot be accessed with direct URLs.

Performance Improvements

In this release we've improved the performance of the platform and you would observe a considerable improvement in performance for the portal and the documentation website.

Please feel free to add your feedback or suggestions here https://feedback.document360.io, thanks.

Article Locking, Article Stale Rules, Status Indicator, and more

Article Locking

Another level of improvement in authoring experience! In this release we have implemented the locking mechanism in editor to prevent multiple users editing the same article at the same time. You can "unlock" the article manually once done with the editing, or it will be "unlocked" automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.

article lock.png

Article Stale Rules

It is important to ensure that your knowledge base content is up-to-date and being updated as necessary on regular basis. Article Stale Rules will help you get alerts for articles not updated for a certain time. Stale and Fresh are the two states which will help you understand if an article needs immediate attention for update, as set by you. Red and Green colors on the category manager indicate stale/fresh articles in that category. Once an Stale Article is reviewed, it can be set back to Fresh State.

Article Stale Rules can be set at Global level instead of marking them individually.

stale articles 2.png

Article Status Indicator

We've enhance the indication for articles in different states. Now different colors on the category manager will help you easily identity Newly Created Articles, Articles having draft version and articles which need a review.

Color / Indication

Yellow : New Article
Green : Published Article
Yellow/Green : Published Articles with draft version
Red : Stale Article (outdated contents)

please refer to the image below:

stale articles.png

Home Page Builder

We've enhanced the look and feel of the home page builder. Now while adding a new project you will see new templates to provide you better understanding of the knowledge base home page.

Following enhancements are done:

  • capability to add inline sections in the middle of any section.
  • collapse/expand the sections to work without scroll up and down.
  • insert image either from url or file manager for icons in column of text/category sections
  • featured image support to landing page

My Analytics, Slack Integration and more

My Analytics

We have improved the My profile view in the application by bringing the power of analytics inside the my profile blade view.

Henceforth, you can view your custom analytics from my profile view itself. When you are navigating into any project inside the portal, My Profile blade will provide you with more insight about your recent activities and analytics data like most viewed article and the details of the newly created articles related to that particular project.

GetImage (2).png

Slack Integration

Document360 helps you to create user-friendly documentation, author in Markdown, and manage multiple versions. The product scales easily with your business.

With the new Slack integration, you will equip your agents with all your knowledge without leaving Slack. With our handy app, you will be able to search through the knowledge base, link the articles and create articles to your current workspace without leaving slack. GetImage (3).png

Multi token option in Freshdesk

Document360 - Freshdesk Integration helps you to search through the knowledgebase, link the articles or create them from your current reply. Earlier, we were able to integrate with only one Knowledgebase project now we have extended this feature to support integrating multiple knowledgebase projects at the same time.

HTML Code Block

This is one of the features which our customers were requesting. Initially, we have implemented code block in markdown editor but now we have implemented this capability in HTML editor also. HTML Code Block allows you to easily post your syntax-highlighted code in the site without losing its format. It highlights your code with respective language format. It supports nearly 31 programming language formats. It gives a rich user experience to your user to understand the code.

GetImage (4).png


We have revamped our payment UI with rich and better user experience.

Internal links, Auto complete on tags and Analytics improvements

Internal links:

We keep on listening and working on customer's feedback, Previously users need to give article slug URL to link other articles inside the article. Now we have enhanced this functionality, user can either give link url or search for existing articles in the same version to link it in article. To insert external links, user can simply paste the url link. It supported in both Markdown and HTML editor.

Auto complete on tags:

In this release, we have implemented the Autocomplete on tags. Tags that we have given already in the article in the documentation or File manager will get displayed in the dropdown when we add new tags. It will display the relevant tags in the dropdown from the other articles so that the user can easily choose the tags and group them accordingly.
GetImage (1).png


Some of the enhancements which we have made in analytics are

We have moved the “Feedback “as a separate section which initially was under the Performance section. All the functionalities will remain the same.

By default, we have made the date filter to 90 days in all sections, so it will be ease to view the data.

Internal Notes, Feedback analytics and more

Internal Notes :

Internal notes are used to share information or notes with your teammates within an article, which you do not wish you share with the public. Internal notes will only be visible in knowledge-based for logged-in users and will not be visible for the public. Internal notes will come in handy in scenarios where you want more contextual data for your logged-in support engineers who use the same publicly available documentation to support your customers.

MicrosoftTeams-image (5).png

Feedback analytics :

Customer feedback is crucial for the growth of any product. With Feedback analytics, we make it easier for your customers to share their feedback and help you to understand your customer's pulse and gather their voice. Check out customer feedback in Analytics-> Performance -> Feedback section.

MicrosoftTeams-image.png (knowledge base feedback form)

MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png (Analytics in portal)

URL mapping for in-app assistant :

In this release, we have enhanced the In-app assistant by implementing,

  1. Dedicated custom CSS/JS section for widget so that you can change the look and feel of the Document360 widget.
  2. Support for dynamic URL mapping by regex pattern and options to match the given pattern in Path, Query parameter, and the hash value of URL.

MicrosoftTeams-image (3).png

Document360 app in Freshworks marketplace, Contributors Management, Enhanced User Analytics and more

Document360 app for Freshservice

We are extending our reach within the Freshworks marketplace and added new integration between Document360 and Freshservice. You should soon be able to find Document360 app in Freshworks marketplace under Freshservice category. Your agents will be able to search the knowledge base for possible answers, copy links to articles and even draft new articles; everything without leaving Freshservice.


Integrations: UI Revamp

  • Dedicated page for Internal & External Integrations.
  • "Custom Tags" tab from "Custom CSS/Java Script" Section has been renamed as "Custom HTML" and moved under Internal Integrations. You can now add multiple Custom HTML sections.

UI revamp.png

Manage Contributors

By default, users who create/fork/save/publish the articles are added as contributors. You can now manage the list of contributors by adding/removing users as desired.


You can also search for a user and add it.

Enhanced User Analytics:

User Analytics page has got following enhancements for more detailed analytics:

  • More fields under Team Accounts
    • Type of user
    • Articles Created
    • Last contributed
  • Number of articles created by user
  • Audits filtered by user
  • Export to Excel & PDF


WYSIWYG editor, Export to PDF, Referral program and more

WYSIWYG editor

The WYSIWYG editor is our new alternative to the default markdown editor. With more features and only a single editor window, now you won’t see the markdown syntax, the text format will be automatically applied as if you are using the Microsoft Word editor. You can choose your default editor during project creation and later in your project settings. Additionally, you can make specific articles use different editor than your project default. In the new editor you will be able to use the following features:

  • Supports Rich Text Formatting.

  • Multi-line callouts with list and tables support.

  • Copy and paste from word document.

  • Emoji support.

  • Table with more options.

  • Supports Grammarly.

  • Insert link inside an image.

  • Supports embedding videos.


Export to PDF

Online knowledge base brings many benefits including ease of access and sharing. However, this is not always the case, sometimes it can be problematic if you have customers or users that require access to the knowledge base offline. In this release, we introduced export to PDF feature which will take all your articles based on the order of the category manager and export them into a handy single pdf file. If you need to secure the file, you can provide a password and we will encrypt the pdf, so only the people you want will be able to access it. To get started, go to Settings-> Import & Export and simply enter a file name.


Referral program

Share the love! Now you can earn discounts towards your subscription by inviting people you know to start using Document360. Send out your own unique link to your friends and if they sign up and become Document360 customers you will both earn $50 coupons towards your subscription.

share the love.jpg

Bulk Reader import

Adding multiple readers can be a tedious task, but now all you need is a single CSV with all of your users. Then use our new bulk reader import feature to upload the file and we handle the rest for you. We hope this will make onboarding readers to Document360 a breeze.

import readers.jpg

Audit configuration

Team auditing is a great way to see what is happening in your knowledge base. However, not everyone is interested in what their fellow editors are doing, and we get that. Now you can enable and disable auditing or choose to monitor only specific events that are of interest to you and your company.


We are live on Product Hunt today!

It will be one of our biggest milestone this year to be listed on product hunt. After months of hardwork in building the tool and strategizing we have launched it 🚀Please visit us and share your support ❤️.

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